My friend Adam Dorn, better known as Mocean Worker, is a brilliant music artist. His songs received 1,200,000 plays in the year 2013 on the Pandora online, commercial, for profit, radio station.

He received $51.46.

Tim Westergren, founder and principal of Pandora, cashed in stocks worth $13.9 million last year.

I’m all for capitalism. I want online music radio stations to succeed. 1,200,000 plays of music Mocean Worker created over thousands of hours, years of practice and education, brought listeners to Pandora. I think Westergren should be REQUIRED BY LAW to pay more than 0.0003714% for music he used to make a profit.

very simple.

With this type of greed and utter disregard for artists’ ability to make a living and continue creating profitable art, QUALITY music will diminish rapidly.

It’s all the same greed that’s destroying our planet. People taking, but not giving back fairly.

People of wealth…

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