“Luddite” Artists Point Out That BitTorrent Doesn’t Know Shit About Their Own Technology.

The Trichordist

Like Germans BitTorrent is “mostly unitentionally  funny.”*  The  company has decided that they should attempt to legitimize their artist exploiting torrenting system with a charm offensive by buying billboards in Los Angeles.  Check this one out.

It seems to me that BitTorrent is suggesting that by using their product you are somehow safe from snooping by the NSA.


Nope you aren’t even safe from a so-called luddite musician. Check it out.

Here are the IP addresses, ports  and some sample Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven songs being hosted and illegally torrented by 33 Bit Torrent users.  This is using one of the vast number of tools available to snoop on Bit Torrent traffic–think the NSA doesn’t use this for jihadi communications????

And to the folks illegally sharing my music?   You might want to ask what other naughty stuff I can see on your computer?

Seriously, if I could…

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